Cop Stop Guardian


The idea for Cop Stop Guardian came about after brainstorming on how to stop the unnecessary violence and deaths of American lives during what should be a routine traffic stop. It’s founders; 5 concerned and highly motivated Americans wanted to use their knowledge, creativity and resources to bring about an Organization and Service that could affect change and that would help citizens and law-enforcement alleviate the many tensions at traffic stops that arise from miscommunication and a misunderstanding or ignorance of the law. We felt in our assessment of the problem that a private NEUTRAL third party mediator who can properly communicate with police officers at these routines stops and alleviate any tensions that result therefrom, as well as an independent organization to hold police officers accountable who DO NOT follow the law was long overdue!


The root meaning of the word Community is “Together as ONE.” We believe when people come together for a beneficial cause, personal biases are discarded, and individuals morph into A single organism. It is Cop Stop Guardian’s hope to provide an online open forum, active community and workshops between everyone associated with our cause, in an effort to bring people together within a community dedicated to civil rights enforcement, Public Safety and Unity.



We at Cop Stop Guardian support the Law and its proper enforcement. We want to serve our communities by helping to educate all people on the laws that govern police stops as well as their every day affairs, and those which secure the Rights of Citizens, especially in times when they think they have none. We believe in Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Equality for everyone under the Law. We stand in support of every Individual, Group, and Organization who are dedicated to helping people understand these Rights and Protect those who are misrepresented and discriminated against under the Color of Law